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Accessories and Supplies in Northumberland County and Beyond

Visit the Spectacular Water Systems showroom for a wide selection of supplies and accessories for all your water needs. Our friendly staff is here to help you.

Self-fill Water Station

Purchase new bottles or bring your own.

New bottles available in 3 sizes - 18.9 L, 11.35 L or 8 L.

Sanitize your bottles, fill and cap included.

Your choice of alkaline or reverse osmosis water.

Water station
UV max sterilight


UV bulbs/quartz sleeves for Trojan/UV Max, Sterilight UV’s, UV Dynamics, Omni UV6, and selected Wedeco and Wyckamor products

Ballast/Controller for most common systems.

Filters in three sizes, 10”, 9 7/8” and 20” lengths compatible to most pre-filters from 1 micron through to 50 micron, inline filters carbon/sediment and carbon filters, Kinetico drinking water filters, membranes.

“Big Blue” filters in 10” and 20” sizing.

Water Softener Salt, Rust Free and Potassium Chloride.

Water treatment additives including Rust Out, Rescare, Chlorsan, Bleach, Potassium Permanganate, and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Reverse Osmosis replacement faucets.

Water Treatment parts, limited plumbing parts.

view of various products in a shelf
view of bags of various products

Featuring Life Spa Products

Hot tub chemistry products, Roto Spa filters, Nature 2 cartridge

Peroxysan, Bromine, Chlorine sanitizers

Covers, lifters, handrails, floaters, scumballs

Free Instore Water Testing for Hot Tubs!

shelf displaying life spa products
view of various spa products on display
view of a spa with cover

Water Treatments

Take a look at a various range of options we offer.

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