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Water Softeners in Northumberland County and Beyond

Do you have staining on your appliances or colour in your water? Does your water smell or taste bad? Perhaps you need a water softener. Spectacular Water Systems will test your water for free. Contact us for more details.

You Can Live Without Soft Water, But It’s HARD.

Kinetico Water Specialist
view of tanks
view of a water tank with 4 sections
Water quality tested
view of water softener tanks
Most Efficient water softeners

Kinetico Premier Water Softeners/Filters

Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes
Water Quality tested and certified
water softener tanks
view of a metallic object
Made in the USA

Kinetico Premier Line

Kinetico Premier Line tanks
Top view of tanks by Kinetico Premier Line
Kinetico water tanks

3 years labour, 10 years parts warranty


Kinetico Signature Line

Kinetico Signature Line product

1 year labour, 5 years parts warranty

Kinetico… Totally Wash-ome and Skin-credible!

Made in Canada
Fusion Electronic Water Softeners

Fusion Electronic Water Softeners

1-Year Labour, 5-Years Parts Warranty

Fully automatic 1” meter digital valve

Solid-state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings

Monitors salt usage

Highly efficient saves up to 50% salt when compared to other softeners

Requires very little maintenance

Saves electricity and water

Fully adjustable regeneration times

Capacitor back up with 2-hour power memory

Comes with 5-years limited parts, 10 years on brine and resin tanks, 1-year labour warranty

Easy to read digital controls

Heavy-duty mechanical parts

Up to 9 cycles, compared to 6 for the 5600 softener

Programmable regeneration time of 60-90 minutes

1-year labour, 5-year parts warranty

Well Services

We offer various well maintenance services in Northumberland County and beyond.

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