Water Softeners in Northumberland County and Beyond

Do you have staining on your appliances or colour in your water? Does your water smell or taste bad? Perhaps you need a water softener. Spectacular Water Systems will test your water for free. Contact us for more details.

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You Can Live Without Soft Water, But It’s HARD.

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Kinetico Water Specialist
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Water quality tested
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Most Efficient water softeners

Kinetico Premier Water Softeners/Filters

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Mike Holmes
Water Quality tested and certified
water softener tanks
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Made in the USA

Kinetico Premier Line

Kinetico Premier Line tanks
Top view of tanks by Kinetico Premier Line
Kinetico water tanks

3 years labour, 10 years parts warranty


Kinetico Signature Line

Kinetico Signature Line product

1 year labour, 5 years parts warranty

Kinetico… Totally Wash-ome and Skin-credible!

Made in Canada
Fusion Electronic Water Softeners

Fusion Electronic Water Softeners

1-Year Labour, 5-Years Parts Warranty

Fully automatic 1” meter digital valve

Solid-state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings

Monitors salt usage

Highly efficient saves up to 50% salt when compared to other softeners

Requires very little maintenance

Saves electricity and water

Fully adjustable regeneration times

Capacitor back up with 2-hour power memory

Comes with 5-years limited parts, 10 years on brine and resin tanks, 1-year labour warranty

Easy to read digital controls

Heavy-duty mechanical parts

Up to 9 cycles, compared to 6 for the 5600 softener

Programmable regeneration time of 60-90 minutes

1-year labour, 5-year parts warranty

Well Services

We offer various well maintenance services in Northumberland County and beyond.