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What’s in your water?


Speciality Equipment in Northumberland County and Beyond

view of a water body

Spectacular Water Systems provides solutions for problem water, including staining, coloured water, and odour.

view of hard water in a cup

Iron Problems?

view of a water treatment system

Hydrogen Peroxide System or Chlorination System, (shown with water softener), is an effective treatment of iron bacteria, iron and some types of bacteria.

Running out of water?

Installed water treatment system

A Recovery/Trickle System can utilize your existing low-yielding well and provide enough water for normal household use without drilling a new well.

Here's What We Can Do to Help

Reverse Flow Carbon is effective in removing chlorine, taste and odour from water. No backwashing is needed.

Reverse flow carbon machine

SWS offers Chemical Free Backwashing Filtration to remove iron, sulphur, chlorine and other impurities.

Chemical free backwashing filtration system

Greensand Filtration is used to remove iron with the aid of potassium permanganate.

Greensand Filtration system

Ultra Violet Systems

We offer a full line of UV systems and reverse osmosis services.

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