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Well Services in Northumberland County and Beyond

top view of a well
ladder down a well
well flush

Spectacular Water Systems offers a variety of well services including:

WELL INSPECTIONS A visual inspection, mini flow test using customer’s equipment, and verbal reporting.

FLOW RATES Measures the volume of water produced and the recovery rate of a well, using standardized testing equipment. This comes complete with a written report from our M.O.E. licensed well technician.

WELL UPGRADES Extension of your existing well casing to above ground as per Ministry of Environment code.

WELL FLUSH Forces sediment (sand, silt, clay) from the bottom of the drilled well which may provide improved quantity and quality of water from the well.

WELL LIDS/VERMIN PROOF WELL CAPS Available for a variety of dug/bored wells as well as drilled wells.

CHLORINATION SERVICES Offered to our clients who have experienced failing bacteria water tests, wanting to "shock" their wells and properties that may have sat vacant or become temporarily contaminated.


SWS offers a variety of jet pumps, submersible pumps, and control boxes from Franklin Electric.

Franklin Electric
view of a blue pump
view of a silver pipe like object
view of 2 silver pipe like objects

Pressure Tanks

SWS carries Well Xtrol, Wellrite, Wellmate brands of pressure(expansion) tanks in a variety of sizes in metal or fibreglass to meet the needs of our clientele.

view of a blue pressure tank
various sizes of pressure tanks
various sizes of blue pressure tanks

Want to Know More?

Our experts are ready to answer any questions.

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